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Grasim Industries Limited (Chemical Division): Leading the Charge in Disinfection and Cleaning Chemicals

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As a flagship of the Aditya Birla Group, Grasim Industries has been defining disinfection standards in India for decades.

Recognized as the nation's foremost authority in disinfection, we are the go-to solution for high-risk areas like hospitals, healthcare centers, water treatment facilities, and sewage plants.

Our dedication has proven unwavering, evident in our response to emergencies, from natural disasters to the recent pandemic.

Housekeeping staff moping the floor using Powerit Cleaning Chemicals

From protecting your world to protecting your facility and premises

Elevate your Professional Housekeeping with POWERIT

The complete protection we've provided to the world is now available to professional housekeeping teams through POWERIT - our latest range of disinfectants & cleaning chemicals. This range assures tough & reliable protection against all kinds of germs, thanks to our powerful chemistry and decades of expertise. Our products ensure superior cleaning with a potent formula tailored for professional housekeeping standards.

The POWERIT range of specialized cleaning chemicals and disinfectants meets the heightened need for disinfection in areas like surface care and toilet care.

Designed to cater to institutional facilities such as office spaces and other commercial setups, our aim is to create cleaner and germ-free environments.

Safety and Hygiene have become extremely important today, and remains on top of the mind.

The Facility Managers are usually assigned the overall task of managing the end-to-end operations of Housekeeping for the regular maintenance of the premises.

While hygiene was always part of their every SOP, the importance has heightened significantly since the pandemic. With this increased awareness and expectations, the Facility managers have reoriented and risen to the challenge by redoing the SOP followed.

With the added scope of regular disinfection, and intensified need for safe & secure (germ free) premises, their accountability and responsibility has increased. Thus, they have to be more vigilant in their approach, and cannot afford to compromise on the safety aspect.

Powerit disinfection and cleaning chemicals range endorsed by experts

Most products just clean

Powerit disinfects too!

POWERIT from Grasim Industries Limited - the house of Aditya Birla Group, brings to you a complete range of specialized products for all usage occasions across multiple areas and surfaces, offering assured 99.9% germ kill^ and effective deep-cleaning for your needs.

The entire range has very high efficacy levels against a broad spectrum of bacteria, fungi, and viruses with powerful active ingredients recommended by leading health organizations. The floor cleaner and surface & fabric sanitizer are also enhanced with a unique silver technology.

This means your facilities and premises are safe, every day in every way.

^ As per standard testing protocol