Powerit achieving GreenPro Ecolabel certification

Leading the Charge Towards a Greener Future: Powerit Earns GreenPro Certification

We're excited to announce that Powerit's commitment to environmental sustainability has been recognized with the GreenPro Certification for a selection of our cleaning products. GreenPro, an eco-label initiated by the Confederation of Indian Industry, confirms our dedication to creating effective, eco-friendly solutions. Join us in championing a greener future!
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At Powerit, we're dedicated to providing superior cleaning solutions while driving change and promoting sustainability.

Today, we're incredibly proud to announce that a selection of Powerit products have earned the GreenPro Certification! 

Understanding GreenPro Certification: What Does It Mean for Powerit and Our Customers?

GreenPro Certification is an initiative by the Confederation of Indian Industry's Green Products & Services Council.

It's a Type 1 Ecolabel that holistically evaluates how green a product is, and is uniquely designed to meet Indian market conditions. It uses a lifecycle-based approach and its evaluations are third-party verified by industry experts. 

Earning GreenPro Certification signifies that Powerit's commitment to sustainability and respect for the environment aligns with these stringent standards.

For our customers, it means when you choose these Powerit products, you're choosing a brand that prioritizes our planet's well-being.

GreenPro Ecolabelled products have demonstrated lower environmental impact and contribute significantly towards enhancing the sustainability of operations, whether they be buildings or companies.

This empowers our end users with sustainability information, guiding them towards the purchase of more sustainable products.

The Powerit Range: A Close Look at Our GreenPro Certified Products

Our GreenPro Certification applies to five key products in the Powerit range:

  1. Powerit Liquid Handwash
  2. Powerit Disinfectant Toilet Cleaner
  3. Powerit Foaming Handwash
  4. Powerit Bathroom Cleaner
  5. Powerit All in One Kitchen Cleaner (Dishwash and Floor)

Each of these products has been rigorously tested to meet GreenPro's high environmental standards.

This certification ensures that these Powerit products not only provide effective cleaning but also make a reduced environmental impact. 

GreenPro-Certified Powerit cleaning products lined up showcasing commitment to sustainability

The Impact of Choosing GreenPro Certified Products

When you opt for our GreenPro certified cleaning solutions, you are ensuring that your facilities are maintained to the highest hygienic standards, offering safety and peace of mind to every visitor.

But your choice reaches further. Every use of our GreenPro certified products is a vote for sustainability, a step towards reducing environmental harm.

You are directly contributing to the health and well-being of our planet, making a tangible impact with each cleaning session. 

With Powerit's GreenPro certified solutions, you are not just cleaning - you are caring. Caring for your facilities, for the people who use them, and most importantly, for our shared environment.

Make your choice count. Choose a greener future, choose Powerit.


This GreenPro Certification is just the beginning for Powerit. We remain dedicated to sustainability and will continue to innovate in this direction.

By choosing Powerit, you're joining us on this journey towards a greener future. Together, let's power up and create a healthier planet!